• Our Businesses

    A Focus on Commodities

    Our core businesses are engaged in the essentials of life; food, minerals, water and energy.

  • Social Investment

    Making a Real Difference in Society

    Intrinsic to our ethic and purpose, Altius provides financial and social support for impoverished communities around Cape Town.

  • Investor Relations

    Our Unsung Heroes

    Steadfast in their support, and proud of our achievements, our investors contribute to more than just a company; they invest in a lifestyle.

Altius focuses on businesses providing the essentials to life, while remaining committed to bettering society.

CertifiedEmpowermentTrademarkAltius is a new generation black economic empowerment investment holding company centered on commodity businesses. Through success of these businesses, we create strong cash flows, maintain little debt, and passionately facilitate low key but profound improvements in social conditions for disadvantaged Cape Town communities. Altius is a level 2 BBBEE contributor.